Purwakarta Integrated Industrial Park is an area of development planning in line with the National Spatial Plan Purwakarta region, and adapted to the economic climate in Indonesia. The goal is to enable the development of Purwakarta Integrated Industrial Park into a manufacturing base in the region of Purwakarta, which ultimately contributes greatly to the higher economic growth for the country.
Identify opportunities based planning Indonesian Ministry of Industry consists of the sector:

  1. Sectors that provide added value in order to program the downstream or further processing of mining products, agriculture, fisheries and forestry.
  2. Other industries supporting the industrial sector (import substitution of capital goods and raw materials)
  3. Industrial sector imports products for public consumption in Indonesia (import substitution of consumer goods).
  4. Export-oriented sectors that use imported goods and raw materials are relatively small.
  5. The infrastructure sector where development is driven by the Government through the pattern Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
  6. The tourism sector and creative industries.